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My Blog App

This App convert the WordPress website to Flutter App in Android, lets fun how your WordPress website will look like in Android App.

If you want to convert your WordPress website to Android App then contact me

Privacy Policies

What we collect

This App collect the URLs you type and search and collects basic device details in our DB for analytics purpose.


We are not responsible for any damages that arise out of your use of this application on any of the devices. While we have ensured maximum security for storing your data, we are not liable for any hacking that exposes this sensitive data.

Where we store it

The URL entered by the user and basic device details are stored in our Firebase database in Google Cloud.

How we use it

We use your data to evaluate your experience in using this application mainly looking for any problems you encountered in while using this application. We do not use your data for any other purposes. 

How to delete your data

 If you wish you delete your data immediately, please contact us via contact page and we will acknowledge once we delete your data.