Google Source Repositories Commands Pull and Push

By Robby 0 Comment October 22, 2021

Google Source Repository Commands Using SSH Using Google Cloud SDK Using Manually Generated Credentials Using Google Cloud SDK Install the Google cloud SDK . Ensure that the Cloud SDK is installed on your machine. Open a terminal window. If you’re using Windows, enter the following command:gcloud init && git config credential.helper gcloud.cmdIf you’re using Linux or macOS, […]

Flutter CI/CD Web host in Firebase using GitHub Action

By Robby 0 Comment April 3, 2021

Flutter CI/CD web host in firebase hosting using GitHub Actions Source code below Follow the CLI prompts, and the command will automatically take care of setting up the GitHub Action: Creates a service account in your Firebase project with permission to deploy to Firebase Hosting. Encrypts that service account’s JSON key and uploads it to […]

Create a wordpress App using Flutter part-3

By Robby 0 Comment July 9, 2020

In this we can show the pages available in WordPress and open it in the WebView inside the Flutter App. Initialize the list page Call the API to get page details Initialize in the initState Create an App drawer using drawer function For WebView in Flutter we need to install webview_flutter in pubspec.yaml Create a […]

Create a wordpress App using Flutter part-2

By Robby 0 Comment July 4, 2020

Before Reading these complete the part-1. In this we show the post details in individual screen Create a new file as post.dart Navigate to post screen using Material Navigation and also pass the post parameter to the screen For view HTML post in Flutter we need a plugin   flutter_widget_from_html: ^0.4.1 we design the post using Columns, […]

Create a WordPress App using Flutter Part 1

By Robby 1 Comment July 2, 2020

Creating a WordPress App using Flutter. You can create an own app using flutter with ease The Below plugins are we used in this project pubspec.yaml http: ^0.12.1 transparent_image: ^1.0.0 We are using the above plugins to made our APP works fine http – A composable, Future-based library for making HTTP requests. transparent_image – A simple transparent […]

Install ERPNEXT in Ubuntu

By Robby 0 Comment May 9, 2019

Step 1:Removed all mysql and maria db package using apt-get remove. $ sudo apt-get purge mysql* $ sudo apt-get autoremove $ sudo apt-get autoclean $ sudo apt-get install mariadb-server Restart mysql $ /etc/init.d/mysql start Step 2:$ wget $ sudo python –develop Bench will be installed successfully but it will say ERPNext installed […]

Free Web hosting for Students or hobby

By Robby 1 Comment April 26, 2018

1.Hosting.India.To Free 1 GB Linux Hosting Features 1 GB Web Space 1 GB /month Bandwidth 5 Email Addresses 1 MySQL Database 1 Subdomain & FTP Account 2.Googiehost FREE WEB HOSTING Features 1000 MB storage Unlimited bandwidth 2 Email Addresses 2 FTP Account Website Builder (TRIAL) Auto Installer SEO Tools CDN (Cloud Flare) Monthly Backup Forum […]